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Danubius Cares for Recycling

Waste management

A significant part of lessening our negative impact on our environment is managing and limiting our waste. Utilizing food items and products to their best capacity and responsibly disposing of the remaining materials are key in caring for our planet and community. We pay special attention to recycling and reducing plastic waste along with minimizing food waste. In our ME:meetings concept we also encourage our meeting participants to recycle and use our amenities responsibly.

  • We have recycling bins in the hotel and in meeting rooms as well
  • Paper pads are provided on request for meeting participants

  • Pitcher of fresh water provided instead of bottled water in meeting rooms

  • We only offer glass-bottled beverages, no plastic bottles

  • Refillable soap and shampoo in washrooms and bathrooms

In our offices and service areas we also strive to use and re-use materials sensibly and manage waste correctly. Paper, boxes, bottles, ink cartridges are re-used or recycled, organic and chemical waste is disposed of responsibly.

  • Less printing, utilizing online and computer systems to reduce paper use

  • Use of recycled paper or bottles preferred

  • We store and discard oil and food scrap responsibly

  • We have used battery bins in our hotels


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