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Terms and Conditions
Best Price Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

1. The reservation must be made through the official website of Danubius Hotels Group.

2. The “Comparison Rate” must be found on a third-party website, and a completed claim form submitted, within 24 hours of your booking time and must be for the same hotel, room type, number of guests (per room) and reservation dates (arrival date and length of stay). The same deposit policies, same service or package elements, same tax and other service charge and other terms and conditions governing the rates must apply.

3. The Best Price Guarantee applies to a competing room type that is substantially similar to a room type that can be booked on the Danubius Hotels Group website. Competing room types have features that include, but are not limited to; similar views, amenities, bedding, same number of guests, same arrival and departure dates and same room size.

4. You may only submit one claim for each stay. A “stay” means the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel by the same guest or guests.

5. Danubius will verify the Comparison Rate by 5pm (local time at the specified hotel) on the next working day after receipt of your claim and notify you of the results (bank holidays at the location need to be taken into account). You must submit your claim at least 48 hours prior to check-in time as the claim must be processed before check-in.

6. If we verify the availability and eligibility of the lower rate, we will match the lower rate and also give you a EUR 30 Discount which can be used for food & beverages and any other extra services operated by the hotel during your stay (the discount will be credited to the guest’s account at the time of check-out).

7. The Comparison Rate must be open to reservation by the general public and be verifiable by Danubius. Danubius is not responsible for any fees or other costs incurred due to cancellation of a reservation on a third-party website.

8. This guarantee does not apply to the following rate types:

  • Rates that are not publicly available, such as negotiated corporate or group rates.
  • Discount rates offered only to members of groups or individuals who meet previously specified criteria, including seniors, government employees or Danubius Euro Points members.
  • Package rates that include the room and other components such as travel, car rental, entertainment, and/or non-breakfast meals.
  • Package or group add-on rates that extend the length of a stay.
  • Rates supported by health insurers.
  • Rates negotiated for stays extending beyond 30 nights.
  • Rates that are available on auction websites.
  • Rates available on websites, such as Priceline and Hotwire, that do not disclose the hotel brand until the reservation is completed (so-called “opaque” websites).

    9. The Comparison Rate must still be available at the time Danubius validates the claim. Rate disparities solely attributable to fluctuations and/or differences in currency exchange rates are excluded from the guarantee.

    10.  In the event of a multiple-night stay, the Best Price Guarantee will compare the total room cost of the stay as booked at the Danubius Rate with the total room cost of the stay bookable at a Comparison Rate and only one Best Price Guarantee reward will apply.

    11. The Best Price Guarantee of Danubius Hotels is valid for all of the hotels listed on except for Hilton Budapest and Radisson Blu Béke Hotel**** superior where their own policy of Best Price Guarantee is available and also for Park Hotel Hévíz***.

    12. Danubius reserves the right to modify or cancel the guarantee at any time without prior notice.

    If you have any questions about  Danubius Hotels Best Price Guarantee, please contact us via email ( or call us on + 36 1 888 8200.