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  • What do I need to submit a claim?

You must have a valid Danubius booking and you will need the information relating to the stay (arrival date, departure date, property name, number of guests, currency types, etc), the comparison rate and room provider, the Danubius rate and your personal information (name and contact information).

  • Do I need to make a reservation in order to submit a claim?

You only need to have a valid reservation on the Danubius website. You do not need to have a reservation on any 3rd party websites.

  • How do I submit a claim?

A claim form is available online. To submit this claim form, fill out all the required fields and click the submit button.

  • When will Danubius reply to my claim?

Danubius will reply to your claim by 5pm (local time at the specified hotel) on the next working day after receipt of your claim and will notify you of the results (bank holidays at the location need to be taken to account).

  • How will I know when my claim is validated?

One of our colleagues at Danubius Hotels Group will contact you with a modified reservation.

  • How do I know if my claim form has been received?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

  • What is acceptable evidence of a lower rate?

On the claim form, you will be asked details of the lower rate, including the website where the lower rate was found. Complete this section as fully as possible. Once you have submitted a claim, our colleagues will do a search to verify the validity of the lower rate based on the information you have supplied, subject to our Terms and Conditions. IIf the rate is no longer available, our Best Price Guarantee will not apply.

  • How will I know if the room type is the same?

Competing room types have features that include, but are not limited to; similar views, amenities, bedding, and room size.

  • What if the rate I find on the third-party website was available on Danubius Hotels’ website but I did not book it? Will my claim be valid?

No. You have to have a valid reservation made through the official website of Danubius Hotels Group.

  • Do I need to make a second reservation when I find a lower rate?

If you already have a reservation made on the Danubius website and you find a lower rate on a non-Danubius internet site, a second reservation is not required. In this instance, submit your confirmation number and the web address of the non-Danubius site to help us verify the lower rate.

  • How and when can I use my discount?

The 30 EUR discount will be credited to the guest’s account at the time of check-out.

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