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Danubius EuroPoints



1. How can I request a Danubius frequent guest card? 

Please fill out the application form and click on the "Send" button.

You can ask for the application form personaly at any Danubius hotel.

Membership starts from the time of registration by the Danubius EuroPoints Customer Service, based on the information given on the application form. 

The Danubius EuroPoints card will be sent by post within 4 weeks.

2. I have applied via Internet to the frequent guest programme and do not have a card number yet. When can I start collecting points?  

After registering, our Customer Service will send the card number and you can begin collecting Danubius EuroPoints. 

3. How can I obtain the extra advantages of the Danubius EuroPoints card? 

The benefits that go with the Danubius EuroPoints card are not automatic. The hotel is only able to guarantee the benefits if guests include their Danubius EuroPoints card number on the order form or give their number on arrival at the hotel at the latest. 

4. Is the membership card transferable? 

The card itself is not transferable, but the points already collected on the card can be assigned to another person. In such cases, a written request should be sent to Danubius Customer Services, including the card number of the guest and the member receiving the points.

5. Can there be two names on the card? 

No, there can only be one name on the card.

6. How long is the Danubius EuroPoints card valid for? How long can I use my points?

The card is valid as long as the frequent guest is an active member. Members need to receive at least one credit or debit on their card within three years to remain active.

7. What should I do if I do not need my card anymore?

A cancellation request should be sent to Danubius Customer Services in written form, As long as there are points on the account, you must use them, otherwise your EuroPoints will be deleted.

The membership card can be sent back at any time. Please indicate your request to Customer Services. 

8. What should I do if my card is damaged, stolen or lost?

Inform Danubius Customer Services, They will send you a new Danubius EuroPoints card by post.
The old card automatically becomes invalid once your card is replaced, but the PIN code and the balance on the card remain. 

9. Can I have my EuroPoints credited retroactively, if I am not able to show my card at Reception when I check out? 

It is possible to credit EuroPoints retroactively within one month from the time after you check out.  You will have to submit a written request for point crediting to the Danubius EuroPoints coordinator located in your country of residence.

10. What should I do if I do not have my Danubius EuroPoints card with me when my points are to be credited?

When settling the bill, please inform our staff at the hotel that you are a member of the Frequent Guest Programme, but you do not have the card on you. If you forget to inform the reception, you may send a copy of your bill through the post or e-mail to Customer Services within one month, with your card number included.

11. If my accumulated points reach the next level, when do I receive my upgraded card? 

Upgrading of cards to the next level happens automatically at the beginning of the year, so the upgraded card will be posted after that.
Members need to collect 2,500 points to be eligible for a silver card and 10,000 points for a gold card within 2 years. It is not possible to be upgraded in the course of the year.

12. How long does it take for points to be credited? 
Points are credited to the member’s account within 24 hours.

13. Is upgrading permitted if points are redeemed in the meantime?
Yes. Your accumulated points will be considered for upgrading, irrespective of point redemption in the meantime.

14. What can I use the collected points for?

The different Danubius services available when redeeming points are listed in the Danubius EuroPoints Redemption Catalogue on our website.
In order to redeem points, you need to use the PIN code assigned to your Danubius EuroPoints card.

15. How long are EuroPoints valid for?

The points are valid for an indefinite period of time, as long as you are an active member of the Danubius EuroPoints programme.
Members need to make at least one transaction using their Danubius EuroPoints card, or collect or redeem points on at least one occasion within three years to remain active.

16. Should I inform Danubius EuroPoints Customer Services of my request for point redemption?
No, it is enough to let the hotel know about your redemption request when you complete the order. On the Point Redemption form, you should include your Danubius EuroPoints card number, the desired service, the date and the name of the beneficiary.

17. I do not have enough Danubius EuroPoints to use the chosen service from the Point Redemption Catalogue. Is it possible to pay for the difference?
No, services can only be used if enough points have been collected.

18. When do I have to use my PIN code?
The PIN code is only required when redeeming points.
You will be asked for your Danbuius EuroPoints card number and PIN code when using a service at the hotel purchased through redemption of your Danubius EuroPoints.

19. Is it possible to redeem points without the PIN code?
Unfortunately, it isn’t. In case you do not have your PIN code, please inform Customer Services. We will mail you a new PIN code.
If you notice the loss of your PIN code in the hotel, please contact the Front Office.

20. How can I get information about the current balance of my account?

- You can find it on our website by using your Danubius EuroPoints card number and pin code

The balance always shows the points collected up to the previous 24 hours.

- by e-mail: 

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