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Danubius EuroPoints

Collecting Danubius Europoints

Collecting Danubius Europoints

Danubius EuroPoints card may not be used for collecting points in the Ensana hotels as of 1 January 2021 and retroactive collection of points is not possible!

III/1. The member receives 1 Danubius EuroPoint after each 1 EUR, including VAT, paid for services used in hotels of Danubius.  Points can be collected for all additional services included in the point collecting system by Danubius.

III/2. Members of tourist groups, conference attendees, any other special events or guests arriving with a redeemable voucher issued by dealers or travel agents, can collect Danubius EuroPoints based upon separate specific conditions as stated on Points are credited based on an invoice issued in the card holder’s name.


III/3. The member can collect points for the services used by a guest in the member’s room, and guests of another room (maximum 1 room) provided the member is ordering and paying for those services.


III/4. A guest using a service in the room of the member may only collect points if the guest is also a registered member of the program and is splitting the bill 50/50.


III/5. The member may not collect Danubius EuroPoints for a service provided by any third party service provider.


III/6. Points are not collected automatically. To collect points the member must present the card at reception when settling the bill and then EuroPoints are credited on the member’s card account via the POS terminal. No other opportunity for collecting points is available in the hotel. 

III/7. Retroactive point collecting is only possible by a written request sent to the Danubius EuroPoints Customer Service with photocopies of the booking form and bill or voucher attached. Retroactive point crediting is only possible within 1 month after check-out. Retroactive collection of points is not possible in the Ensana hotels as of 1 January 2021. 

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