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Danubius EuroPoints

Redeeming Danubius EuroPoints

Redeeming Danubius EuroPoints

Points earned in the Danubius EuroPoints program at Ensana hotels can be redeemed until 31 December 2022.


V/1. Members of the regular guest program can redeem their points for services listed at: Points may be redeemed if the full number of points necessary for the desired service is available on your Danubius EuroPoints Card account before  making use of the service.

V/2. Ordering the services:

  • You can request to redeem points in advance either at the website, or in hotels participating in point redemption. Please make sure to always provide your Danubius EuroPoints card number, the date and place to be used, the recipient's name and the service requested.
  • Services may be requested at the Danubius hotels without a prior order. You need to indicate your point redemption request at the latest before using the service. If you would like to use your points to book hotel accommodation, please let us know when making the booking, at the latest.
  • Confirmation of Point Redemption is only valid for the person indicated on the confirmation document, in the given hotel or service provider at the given date, and for the indicated services.
  • If the member of the regular guest program does not personally use redeemed Danubius EuroPoints, the member should indicate the name of the user on the Point Redemption form.
  • On arrival, the user must present the card to the hotel reception or the service provider, and must know the 4-digit PIN code.
  • EuroPoints may not be collected when redeeming points.
  • Redeemed points and their services may be cancelled and exchanged back to Points at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • If the user does not cancel the service and does not use it, the EuroPoint value of the service will be lost.

The hotels participating in the program will confirm the requested services subject to availability.

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