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Danubius EuroPoints

Other conditions

Other conditions

VII/1. Danubius reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of Danubius EuroPoints program. Current terms and conditions can be found at:

VII/2. Danubius reserves the right to cancel the Danubius EuroPoints program unilaterally, with the obligation of informing members in writing, 90 days prior to notice. After the 90-day cancellation period, further EuroPoints may not be collected, and members must use their EuroPoints within further 180 days.

VII/3. In case of loss or theft of the card the user must inform Danubius EuroPoints Customer Service and it will be cancelled. Danubius is not liable for any possible damages resulting from the loss or theft of card.


VII/4. Danubius may modify, suspend, revoke or cancel frequent guest membership if the frequent member engages in abusive or hostile conduct against Danubius, one of the hotels, Danubius employees, a guest or any other third party acting in Danubius's interest, or other circumstances make further cooperation with the guest impossible.

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