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Hotel in Pécs, in the heart of the cultural capital

Historical tours, cultural experiences and unforgettable urban buzz - it's Pécs!

Pécs’s history dates back to ancient times: in the second century, the Romans founded a town here called Sopianae. Walking down the streets, you are able to discover monuments of different ages and nations. The ruins of the Roman town, the first Hungarian university, Ottoman mosques and minarets and German houses can be seen in the city. In 2010 Pécs was nominated as one of Europe’s cultural capitals. Visit the Cathedral, or discover the Turkish monuments (such as the Türbe of Idris Baba or the ruins of Memi Pasha’s bath), the 150-year-old Zsolnay Porcelain Factory or the Vasarely Museum.

If you would like to have a rest after the historical tours, you should try the unique Hungarian wines of the region at the Somogyi winery. Or you may take day trips from Pécs to the Villány wine region.

Danubius Hotels in Pécs offer exiting activities for their guests. After a sightseeing tour, have a relaxing massage and a refreshing sauna session at the Hotel Palatinus City Center

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